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Corey continuously focuses on processes that can increase his weekly productivity and his daily workflows. He helps business owners focus on and schedule more income producing activities in their businesses so they can eliminate the majority of the busy work that most routinely focus on. 

After helping people for the last 15 years, Corey started to see a pattern emerge with business owners and their productivity problems. 

The productivity problems came down to two big questions and they were... 
     "What exactly should I be spending my time on every day to move the needle in my business?"

     "How exactly do I schedule important daily and weekly activities on a calendar so I can follow through on them?" 

Before Corey created his weekly calendar scheduling outline and his daily productivity workflow process, he put his own Real Estate and Consulting businesses under the strictest of scrutinies for months to discover the redundancies and time wasting activities he was doing himself. 

He started identifying all the ways people were wasting time when they sat down to plan their work weeks agenda and when they sat down to accomplish those goals for the day.  He personally started removing as many redundant daily actions from his business procedures as he possibly could... to streamline his hours in the chair and his results in his business. 

He saw these same patterns of wasted efforts in other businesses on an even larger scale.  

After talking with Entrepreneurs, e found that they measure their success by their business results, but also found that many measure how much they care for their families, their businesses and their customers by the number of hours they slave away at their computers working. 

Unfortunately, this habit of overworking and "doing stuff" drastically reduces their effectiveness and their bottom line income. Even worse, the workaholic "grind and hustle" all day long mentality eventually catches up to them and reduces their mental capacity, their health and the overall quality of their lives. It was toxic to their wellbeing and many people didn't know another way out or a systematic way to plan a work week and actually follow through with it.

Corey began addressing this problem back in 2017 by undergoing an intensive productivity, planning, and scheduling experiment. His question was, "Could I streamline a process for only working 4 strategically planned out hours per day and accomplish more income producing activities than most other people could in a week... while at the same time being able to enjoy more of my life?"

The answer was yes, but he started to fully understand just how hard it was to plan a productive work week and stay focused on that prescheduled daily workflow events. Corey spent the next 4 months in full immersion, honing this process in depth, every single day, and continues to battle test it today.

Ever since he experienced first hand what the results of an organized and focused four hour workflow process could do for his life, his relationships and his business, he started offering the training to others so they could get their workdays under control.

With his overly simplified and focused four hour daily workflow scheduling process, Corey has been able to find a deeper sense of satisfaction and reward in his business because the things he spends his time on actually need done.  

If you're looking to implement a similar solution in your business and life, to reduce the wasted efforts and actions in your business, you can set up a complimentary conversation with Corey by clicking the button  below.  
Coaching With Corey
1-on-1 Coaching
I work with about 2 - 4 clients per month, so feel free to reach out and set up a complimentary consultation about your specific scheduling and workflow challenges in your business. If you'd like personal support and private hands on coaching or consulting in your business, this may be the perfect option for you. Let's talk about what options are available and see if we're a good fit! 
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