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Blog 14 - How To Create A Powerful Context, Attitude and Atmosphere To Generate Sales
For High Level Success, Influence And Charisma
How To Change Our Attitude and Context On The Fly To Massively Control Out Circumstances?
Let's Get Into The Keys To Owning Your Attitude, Your Space and The Situational Atmosphere

This I promise, when you can shift and adjust your context on the fly… great things will happen in every area of your life, business and relationships.

The definition of a context is… the interrelated condition in which something exists or occurs. Your context is your atmosphere… your attitude… your welcome sign. Context is your sandwich board you’re wearing at any time. A supportive and aligned context is where you need to come from to achieve your desired results. 

Something to remember is that this training is all about being a leader and more importantly… it’s about you transitioning into the leader that you’ve always wanted to be. This training is about helping you become a master of your attitude, context, atmosphere and “personal world.”

Some say and I agree with, “The only thing in the world we have any control over is our ATTITUDE / CONTEXT… and through that… All Things Are Possible.

To help you achieve a higher level of support and learning, the following 5 points may assist you in understanding your desired context.

Those great tips for understanding contexts better are:

#1 Everyone will walk into your life with a context. Check in and start to notice some of them as soon as they show up… Where are they at? What leadership qualities are they lacking? What attitude would help them display those Leadership qualities? As a Leader that lives in the present moment… (FULLY AWARE and Conscious), you’ll always be able to tell what your context is at any given moment. Plus, you’ll be able to read someone elses context within seconds of meeting them. You need to know, “He who holds the strongest context, trumps the other person's context…. every time.” So, always pay attention to what everyone's attitudes are so you know what to do next and what leadership qualities to use. Try this as an exercise. Next time you talk with someone, identify their current attitude and then adjust your attitude “on-the-fly’ to shift theirs by example. It’s the practice of recognizing where everyone is at mentally. It all comes through in the attitude.

Can you think of an example of this in your life? 

#2 It’s difficult to manage or lead a team to produce the desired results when everyone is operating from a different context. Because we lead situations to a desired outcome, everyone will look to us for cues and nonverbal feedback as guidelines for how they should act. (Super powerful to know this and do it regularly.) HUMAN BEINGS want led at all times. Recall the last time you tried to get a group of people to do something together or make a decision. What was everyone’s context? What was yours? How did it feel? What did it look like?

Now you can practice this and take full accountability for results and outcomes. Try this next time some task or project needs completed.

Can you think of an example of this in your life?

#3 It’s important to have the right context. What’s your context (RIGHT NOW) for this training? (Remember, “Everything, everything, everything that transpires during this Training will reveal something about you, about you in relationships, about you as a leader.”).

For example, if you showed up to do something with someone else and they said, “I know you don’t want to be here, so let’s get this over with as soon as possible.”

How would that feel to you? ______________________________________________ _______

Can you think of an example of this in your life?

Something to notice, would that statement from them have any effect on you? For instance, would that muddy or lower your attitude to something like just hurrying through something or tolerating it?

Someone can impact your attitude by just making a presumptive suggestion or comment. So, how can you do this to others? If you say to someone, “WOW, it’s beautiful out and the people are so caring and friendly.” How might that change someone’s attitude?

"The context you deliver in any given situation will be what everyone takes away with them. They may forget the details, but the context will remain."
#4 Having the right context and trusting it will allow you as a Leader to manage the results of the meeting or event without having to control all the content and behavior.

Here’s an example --- If your context for going on a date is "the intimacy and fun created by laughter" and the other person walks into the restaurant with the context of ANGER, maybe you could notice that and set your context to “Laughing and developing trust is easy, natural and fun.” That context will likely over power theirs and completely shift the events of the date!

You can trust your context, and allow the conversation to unfold naturally, but with your context as the guiding force...

You’ll still likely have to allow them to express what’s going on with them so they can shift, but remember that after that and even during that process, you’ll be holding the space for “the intimacy and fun created by laughter” context to transpire.

As long as you trust your context, you can manage the results of any date, meeting, sales presentation, party or event without having to control all the content and behavior. This is very powerful technology.

A good metaphor to having the right context and trusting it as a leader to avoid getting sucked in to the wrong stuff and taken off track is, "When you are guiding a herd of horses, you don't want to be on the inside the herd". Something to note for you as a Leader… it’s not needed or even recommended to tell the people you’re leading what the context of the meeting or event is. Just hold the context and trust.

It’s easy to discover what your context was, for any given event or conversation, by talking to those who were present a day or two after it took place. Listen to how they felt after your event or conversation; it’ll tell you what your context really was. Good Leaders always go back and learn from their past performances while looking for patterns and inconsistencies with their desired results.

Can you think of an example of this in your life?

#5 As a Leader, you need to be the guardian and master of the context. This can be difficult since people have cunning ways, either consciously or unconsciously to pull a leader away from their chosen context through manipulation and control. It’s your job to know this going on and to counteract it by rooting deeply into yours!

Below, you’ll find an exercise called the V.C.P.R.. It’s a document you can prepare ahead of time or “on-the-fly” to make events, conversations, phone calls and dates happen according to how you planned them. It consisted of having 4 components; a Vision, a Purpose, a Context and some specific Results.

Most importantly, walk away from this Leadership training with the understanding and the confidence to use these 4 components in your daily life. After creating a V.C.P.R., always ask yourself this question to know if you are finished with it:

Can you think of an example of this in your life?

Can I achieve these results with this purpose and context?

How to enroll people into your plan, what you are doing or what you’re selling.
In the words of my good friend and mentor Mr. Santana, “Everyone wants led somewhere.”

When it comes to enrolling a support team or a client into your vision, you will need to know a few powerful tips and guidelines first. True enrollment is done without manipulating other people.

There is a difference between manipulating someone and leading someone. It’s the difference between them buying into your plan and feeling good about it… and the difference between them feeling cheated, overpowered and bullied. It’s a fine line and few know how to do it well and consistently. Here’s the hint of how to do it everywhere in our lives… “Do it with yourself first.” Meaning, keep your word to your self and lead yourself everyday, all day long.

There’s a certain skill set to develop and a systematic process that most leaders have become really good at.

Here’s how it’s done.

In simple terms… you’re enrolling someone else to do something, think something and to feel a certain way!

You have a vision, a plan, a goal or something that needs done right?… “A purpose.”
Well, so does the individual that your enrolling. Master enrollers are skilled in sharing their vision or proposal with passion and conviction… pure confidence.

Once they speak about it, they ask the other individual an enrolling question to uncover their vision, needs or passions. This gives someone the necessary time and space to share their thoughts, needs and ideas. Remember, everyone wants to be heard to some degree. Give them the right to express themselves so they can make the shift. This is critical to a natural enrollment process and when done right, they will follow you. Next a enroller will make a third statement aligning the two visions together (or problem/ solutions).

When enrolling a hesitant person in particular, you will want display your willingness to be all in and it’s recommended to mention how dedicated you are to leading this from the front of the pack. In other words, express your willingness to be all in! A follow up statement may consist of asking them how important this solution is for them and what’s at stake for them if they don’t get it.

Once they’re in touch with that, you can invite them to participate if they didn’t already do so themselves. A key to solidifying an enrollment process it to get more than just a verbal agreement or a yes. You’ll want to get them into action around it fast, even if it’s a small action so they feel involved.

An example of this type of buy-in-action would be to delegate them something to do, like a phone call, a task, a duty or a position. Remember, many people will say yes to something to avoid a confronting no, so you will want to finish strong by creating a delegation of something small and easy along with a final review of what the desired results are going to be! You’ll want the other person to be aware of and even outline what they’re getting out of this. Remember, everyone is always asking in their mind, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”

Make it super clear for them, what's in it for them… even if you’re asking someone out on a date or you’re asking them to complete a project for you. It’s the same process of helping them articulate the benefits involved for them.

Anything you do in life will be a form of enrollment… sales, meetings, dates, sex, a team meeting, a diner, a business deal and even a just a meeting to plan something larger. Come prepared, know where you’re going so others can hitch their wagon to your train. Deliver them to the station!

Great... I hoped you enjoyed these tips and tools for adjusting your Context. Unfortunately... there's so much more that I just can't post on here. but you can go and download all the exercises, insights and video training modules to apply this to your life, businesses and relationships by clicking this link below. Check it out while everything's available to you.
BONUS Tips for Being a Leader That Anyone Can Follow
This includes and works for Men, Women, team members, a Company and even Family members

Step 1. Do Your Homework.
Due diligence in life is KING. Know who, you’re going to lead intimately if possible. Make phone calls, talk to people and do research as to their habits and general nature. Know how your people are doing? Know why… Know what challenges they up against? Check in with them and be aware of how they are doing and what they’re engaged in. Visualize how you want your event to look, sound, and feel. Get in touch with that vision. Where is it at? Who is there? What will they look like? How will they sound and feel? How will it start? End? How will I feel?

Step 2. Always Create Your VCPR.
With knowledge of your event, date or meeting in mind you can accomplish the second step: create your VCPR. Make sure your VCPR addresses the vital issues engaging your plan and outcomes from the information in the homework. You can do one in 2 mins on a napkin if needed.

Step 3. Make Your Plan of Action --- an Agenda.
This is a list of the things what will be done to achieve all the results in the V.C.P.R.. Remember, simplifying things sets our mind at ease and we will naturally perform better by chunking plans down. Here is a simple way to turn desired results into agenda items. Just convert each result or group of results to an action needed to attain that result.
For example with someone you’re helping with a business situation: (result) Clients increased their close ratio by 40% within 30 days. (Agenda) Show them how to use close scripts 1 & 2 and help them adjust their context and larger why prior to their closing meetings or appointments. Next, hold them accountable for practicing it.
There should be no "orphans", CPR results or Agenda items that have no connection to the other list. Lastly, practice writing your agenda after finishing your VCPR.

Step 4. Establish Partnership and “Buy In” through Delegation
Don’t forget to get support from others. A common mistake for new leaders, is to think that they have to do everything themselves. A good leader delegates and establishes partnerships while trusting and respecting those he’s working with. Context is an important component to the delegation process. Make sure people know what you want of them and how you want them to hold it. 

 Now is the time to delegate or establish partnership for choice portions of your meeting or event. For instance, select someone at your event to get something for you, to order something on your behalf, to lead a portion of your event or even to tell a joke. Do the same with tasks needed to prepare for the actual event or date. Participation is key.

Step 5. Lead from the Front (Lead with Your Heart.)
Show others that you are willing to be on the front lines… that you’re all in. People follow passion and commitment. People follow those with clarity and a heartfelt vision. People follow those that they can trust and relate with. This last step is key. So, open up and let them know this is important to you and why.

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