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Blog 16 - How To Create Wealth Affirmations That Work
Reprogramming Your SubConscious Mind For Long Term Change
How Can We Reprogram Our Belief Systems?
In this blog article, we are going to share the secret formula for creating a new habit, a new behavior, a specific new belief and even a new life. 


You will create your custom affirmations based on your most authentic answers to this Action Guide. This process has worked for thousands of people and it can for you too!
Please print this Action Guide below and follow along in this powerful process for lasting results. 
Have you ever wanted to change your actions or thoughts, but struggled to make any lasting change? Ever get tired of repeating the same mistakes again and again?

Ok, this blog article will help you create any belief you could imagine, given it’s realistic for you and clearly articulated. Meaning that you’ll have to be able to clearly identify and articulate what the new belief is.

How our belief systems work: We have belief systems that run on autopilot and they get reinforced over time with repetitive action. The individual beliefs in our mind get mixed together and can be challenging to remove, however, we can create new beliefs that can become our default go-to-motivators with careful and persistent use of the formula in this Action Guide.

Most of our beliefs were programed into us from our parents and teaches from age 0-8 through process called imprinting. From then on, we just reinforce those and slightly modify them with new experiences. Change for many people can be very hard…!

Let’s start here with a discovery section so that we can properly hone in on the right beliefs to reprogram. We’ll do that by taking a look at your top three most undesirable actions or results in your life. I know this is starting heavy and asking a lot from you, but it’s something that needs clarified and aired out ASAP.

So, what things in your life are you totally unsatisfied with? This includes repetitive thoughts and actions that you do. These likely… if shifted could change your entire life and well-being. So… let’s list your top three below:

     1.) ______________________________________________________________

     2.) ______________________________________________________________

     3.) ______________________________________________________________

Is there ONE MAJOR belief that you would like to get rid of? It could be something that your parents or teachers programed into your mind from a young age. It’s likely causing and contributing to your struggle or challenges. Identify that and write it down here.




In simple terms, let’s say that your thoughts come from the core beliefs held in your mind. We’re going to use a powerful process to create new beliefs with affirmations and mantras.

Affirmations are positive declarative statements written, repeated and spoken in such a way that your deep mind can absorb them, use them, believe them and integrate them into your personality. As your deep mind or subconscious mind accepts these affirmative statements, they will form into new beliefs embedded deep within the neural network of your brain.

In your case, we’re going to use positive affirmations to help you create the life and business that you’ve always dreamed of. So think about the events and goals that you would like to see in your future… How do they look? How would you describe them?
Write down the top 5 events, goals or ways of living that you would like to experience in your 1-5 year future. Put each of them in a sentence describing the specific situation, event of goal.







Ok, great job ... Let's move forward!

The effectiveness of your reprogramming process will hinge on your ability to direct and guide your internal self-talk, which governs most of your daily life and actions with your belief systems. If you focus on creating well crafted beliefs and follow this exercise, they can become your predominant thoughts, character and internal values system.

Experts have said that, “Up to 95% of our day is a similar repetition to our previous days actions and thoughts.” WOW, right?

So if you start doing things differently and thinking more powerfully, your future may mirror those actions and thoughts. This would give rise to newer and more desirable actions and thoughts in your future business and life.

One major note is that your old beliefs are like trees with many roots that interweave with other trees and roots (other beliefs and experiences). We are going to starve out those undesirable trees and roots by not reinforcing them (sending them attention or energy) so that they wither away and reduce in size and capacity.

Meaning that the new beliefs you’re going to create will need lots of attention, focus and energy from you on a daily basis so that they groove into permanent pathways. 

Once your new beliefs become your minds preferred pathways (because of their acceptability and consistent reinforcement), they will continue to grow and connect with the rest of your beliefs (trees and roots) making your desired actions and goals a natural occurrence!

NOTE: This process will take dedicated work and focused actions, thoughts and planning. Please don’t underestimate the challenge of this endeavor OR the benefits once you string together 90 days of focused work!

Ok, let’s get started looking at what positive affirmations look like. As a note, most negative or disempowering beliefs and thoughts that lead to undesirable actions tend to come from early childhood imprinting and cause a person to feel unworthy, not good enough, bad or some equivalent thereof.

These are examples of Healthy Positive Affirmations:

1. I am very _ authentic and wealthy

2. I am a _ relaxed committed consistent professional

3. I know I can _ help people make more money doing what they love

4. I always _ own my power and context in the moment

5. I feel _ grateful for my health, talents, friends and family

6. I _ love and accept myself

7. I am _ open to support and miracles from everywhere

8. I am a _ trusted advisor and friend

9. Every day I _ live free, love strong and laugh hard

10. I am naturally _ graceful, confident and accountable

Do These Match Your Desired Ones? If Not Create Your Personal Ones Below!
If someone held these as undisputed beliefs in their mind... and their thoughts were in alignment with these… amazing things would unfold in their life. They would likely be very successful, happy in their relationships and financially abundant. They would have rewarding relationships based on authentic communication and love. They’d also likely have everything in life that they desired.

So, if you could create those things in your life that you want most… what beliefs and thoughts do you think would help propel you into that reality?

Hand write yours below and have fun with this process:

1. I am very __________________________________________________________

2. I am a _____________________________________________________________

3. I know I can _______________________________________________________

4. I always ___________________________________________________________

5. I feel ______________________________________________________________

6. I __________________________________________________________________

7. I am _______________________________________________________________

8. I am an ____________________________________________________________

9. Every day I _________________________________________________________

10. I am naturally _____________________________________________________

FOR BEST RESULTS: I highly recommend writing each of these affirmations on a separate note card so you can flip through them and recite them multiple times throughout the day.

Pro tip… lol! I would create (draw) a picture of each on the back of the note cards too! Our mind responds differently to pictures. We are visual creatures… and need a mixture of visual, audio (hence, we verbally speak them), and kinesthetic (touch of a physical note card).

                                     Alright… fantastic!

I would challenge you to make (or find) an artistic representation of your 10 affirmations in a picture or at a minimum, artistically write your 10 affirmations on a few nice pieces of paper (possibly frame them) and place one in your vehicle, bedroom bathroom, office or other conspicuous location.

The more often you can read these, repeat them or even think of them throughout the day… THE BETTER!

Remember this pro tip… It took you your whole life to form your current belief system and frame of reference for your world. It may take you a minimum of 90 days to effectively start shifting your default beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Be easy and patient with yourself. There will be times when you want to quit and you may start to think that all this work is for nothing. Stay strong and focused. Write these everyday and be consistent!

Are you committed to writing these every day for the next 90 days? Circle YES or NO

Will you read these out loud every day for the next 90 days? Circle YES or NO

The Power Of A Mantra
Now, let’s create a Mantra for your #1 Most Desired Goal! To get started, we will need to determine what your #1 most disempowering belief about yourself is? If you’re not sure what it is, think for a second and ask yourself, “What negative belief do I still hold about myself that contributes to my unhappiness, self doubt or biggest struggle?”
Write that #1 most disempowering belief here:

That I: _______________________________________________________________________________


Let’s take that disempowering belief and overwrite it by constructing a better one and practicing it with two additional powerful tools...

In this section, you’re encouraged to think of a belief that you’re likely holding onto from childhood, early adulthood or just something that you picked up from someone else that’s likely negatively affecting your life and business.

Identify The Belief To Rewrite

Here are the top 4 examples of disempowering beliefs that most of us need to address (Pick and circle yours)

     1.) Unworthiness

     2.) Not good enough

     3.) Not worth supporting

     4.) Not lovable

Now let’s modify the one you wrote above and go deeper. Can you think of a deeper self belief that heavily contributes to your biggest struggle or most undesirable pattern in your life or business? Kindly write that down below. If it’s the same as above just list it again, but I challenge you to go deeper if you can:

Be aware that most people have pervasive addictions from drugs, to TV, to bad foods, to sitting in a chair all day and not exercising, plus tons more… So see if you have one that is the root cause to low performance, a foggy mind, laziness, or others…

The disempowering belief is that: __________________________________________________


So, what is the opposite of this negative belief above if you were to rewrite it in the affirmative (or in a positive way)?

Write the new EMPOWERING positive (or affirming) belief here: __________________



Just below this line is the structure that many people use for what’s called a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but with our little twist on it which builds it deeper in your subconscious mind.

That acronym stands for:

   S: Specific
   M: Measurable
   A: Attainable
   R: Results driven
   T: Time based

Inside the subconscious mind, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving.

To counteract this, we use the backdoor “Worthiness Hack” to reprogram our desired results into our belief system in a very fast and permanent way. Naturally, we are also going to show you in the next section how to practice this powerful Mantra in a very effective manner.

This is what a structured Mantra looks like utilizing this worthiness hack:
Because I’m Worthy of _____________________, I, __(X)___, __(Y)___, and __(Z)___ for the next 90 days (or by…[pick a date 90 days out from today])

Below is a financial, work related goal and belief that Makebelieve Bob would create...

“Because I am worthy, I acquired 100 or more new paying customers at $3,000 each by September 22, 2019 or sooner. 

 Let’s Create Your New Mantra...
If you could overwrite (or groove a new neural pathway around) your existing negative belief… would you? Great, let’s do that here so you can start training your subconscious mind to work for you.

To get the best results with this process, your new belief and results needs to be clearly articulated on paper and rewritten about 5-10 times a day for roughly 90+ days straight. That will start to create the new belief and that will turn into a habit. It’s important to handwrite them to incorporate your motor functions in this process for lasting effects. Ok, great, please get started below and if you don’t believe in this type of process, just try it.

New Belief: Because I am worthy, __________________________________________


New Result: The end result I will have in 90 days is: ________________________


And now that it’s done, I feel: _______________________________________________


Now, put it all together and say it to make sure the working feels right. If not, adjust it!




Let’s Create A Realistic Action Plan For Implementing Your Mantra...
Step 1. Determine if any outside factors are enforcing this negative belief. Remove them if possible and practical.

Step 2. Hand write your new Mantra 5+ times per day for 90+ days consecutively

Step 3. Speak your Mantra in front of the mirror 10 times per day for 90 days consecutively

Notes on increasing the effectiveness of your Mantra

* Try to viscerally feel the results of your Mantra while you’re speaking and writing it so it anchors deep into your frontal cortex.

* Bring your awareness to the “New Vibration” of your Results and give them color, context and texture. Bring them to life through awareness of new feelings and emotions related to them.

* STAY CONSISTENT and make time for this daily practice

* Make your new belief and results realistic so your subconscious mind will accept them. AKA, use the S.M.A.R.T. system guidelines!

Let’s Talk About Emotions Real Quick!
We honor emotions because they hold raw power! Emotions can be utilized as explosive fuel. Plus, they can be used to give us clear direction on issues that need our attention.
Think of your range of emotions like the dashboard in your vehicle. You can see them and even adjust them according to your desired result. For example, your tachometer reads 9,000 RPM’s and is in the red. What can you do? Take your foot off the gas or shift into a higher different gear.
Learn How To Apply The Emotional Dashboard Code In 4 Steps To Increase Your Effectiveness With These Tools...
The EMD or Emotional Dashboard Code is a quick system you can rely on when doing anything of importance in your life and business. Honing your skill and awareness in regards to your emotions and context can increase your effectiveness and rewards.

Remember, emotions will always happen regardless of what we do. So the key is to know that going in and take them in stride as they show up.

Step 1. Becoming aware. Notice what your physiology or body position looks like when you’re thinking about a certain thing or feeling a certain emotion. Are you sitting or standing? In an alpha position or beta position? Slouched or upright? Breathing freely or holding your breath? Smiling or frowning?

Step 2. Identify the actual emotion by asking yourself for clarity. Notice what your dashboard is telling you and why? (For example: You’re about to get on a Coaching call and you are experiencing shortness of breath and your arms are in crossed position… you could ask yourself, “Am I in danger, am I fearful or am I just anxious about not being prepared for something in the future? Am I threatened? If so, by who or what? Am I focused on the past or the future and not in the present moment?
A great way to track down an emotion is to recall what you were doing or thinking about prior to going into Step 1. Is there a limiting belief running in the background? Try and identify it in that moment.

Step 3. Experience and express the emotion. If your sad, cry… if your angry, punch the pillow… if you’re anxious, yell and take a slow long breath. For example, if you had to fire a client or lost a client, you may need to yell or tell someone in your support circle how you feel. You can do this in 20 seconds if you wanted to. Remember to honor your emotions. They will pass and you will be able to shift into a more empowering feeling or context.

Step 4. Make The Shift and feel it. Move your awareness to the present moment and breathe. Connect to a more uplifting context or emotion of your choice (Link to a desired result or outcome.) Move your body and breathe with a loud sigh to shift the energy if needed. During the shift phase of this process, it’s a great idea to write your desired result or context in front of you.

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