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Blog 18 - Become A Top Performing Coach With Tons Of Great Clients
How To Increase Your Effectiveness With The 5 Most Powerful Coaching Skills
Welcome! In this blog article, we are going to focus on five big skills to incorporate into your coaching or consulting practice. When you use these five skills, your clients will get great results and you communication with them will be very clear.

Becoming a very good Coach is a skill set that you can 100% develop. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. These are also the most challenging Coaching situations and you’re going to know exactly how to respond to them so you get positive results for both you and your Client.
Integrate These 5 High Quality Coaching Skills...

     1.) Create a safe container and relate to your clients first...

     2.) Identify and eliminate expectations by setting agreements...

     3.) Address non-performance when clients break their agreements...

     4.) Ask the right question at the right time to achieve a desired outcome...

     5.) Give a proper offer ultimatum so your client can process their situation...

1.) How to build trust with a new client for open communication.
Every relationship will take time to build, however there are a few things you can do to shorten that time frame and grow faster with them. Creating trust will prove to be a vital component to your product or services. When beginning a new relationship, it’s encouraged to reveal yourself first and let them see your authentic and vulnerable side.  

Being authentic and vulnerable will help relate to you as many people in the position of helping others seem larger than life or out of touch, according to most students and clients. If you use the stories you created in the last module, you’ll bond faster and they’ll become open to your support faster than without. Utilize your Hero’s Journey Story and relate it to their situation so they know you’re on the same page as them.

Another great tip is to learn about them by asking great questions. Open-ended questions give them the opportunity to talk about their abilities and their challenges. Great advice one of my mentor drilled into my thought process was, “Seek to understand rather than to be understood.” Meaning, really invest time into helping them get to their ground zero before you start repairing all the little surface holes or defects of their boat. There may be something structurally wrong that needs addressed first.

As a last reminder in building trust is to intentionally create “the container” for the working relationship first as the leader. Listen to your supplemental audio for Module 3 on exactly how to do this. Don’t just wing it and hope it turns out well, but craft it with intentional agreements and transparent communication. It’s also preferred to frame your coaching conversations ahead of time and to let them know your plan for your interactions so they can make the internal adjustments needed to meet you at the higher level.
2.) How to properly set expectations with negotiated agreements
Every relationship needs clear cut boundaries and agreements so clear communication channels can be enjoyed by the parties. The sooner this is done, the better. It’s your job as the Coach, Consultant or leader to clear out all of the cobwebs in the closet and it’s also your job to clearly spell out the things you’ll need from them throughout the duration of your time together.  

This will result in higher level conversations and faster improvements. A good thing to remember is that expectations, whether hidden or public, are just premeditated disappointments, so you MUST get all of them on the table as fast as possible… even if they aren’t realistic. Even after all of this is successfully set up, you’ll need to continue doing this when you sense an expectation starting to form.

It’s recommended to expose or ask for clarification of their expectations for you and your Coaching. Help them figure out all the weird things that they’re secretly hoping for and expecting of themselves too. Those can really get in the way of progress! Convert the expectations into agreements and get them into small actions that can be celebrated often as they progress.

As you uncover expectations, write them down in a journal so you can systematically address them and know what to look out for in the future. Once they are uncovered and written down, you can begin a short negotiation process turn those expectations into realistic concrete measurable agreements. For example, I remember an earlier client that expected me to send him a monthly bill so he could pay it. It was my fault because I didn’t clearly spell out, “You pay this amount of money on the first of every month.” I was expecting him to just do it because he made his first payment on the first of the month last time.

If things are unclear, they will likely create friction, frustration and resentments, so make them clear with questions and renegotiations. To finalize this important step, have a way to hold each party accountable for performance on these agreements. Remember, if you don’t have a clear agreement with an accountability element… you have nothing.
3.) How to address non-performing clients that don’t do what they agreed to.
Truth be told, your client will default on what they agreed to within a matter of two interactions. Very few people are accustomed to doing what they say. When breaking in” or starting to work with a new client, you’ll need to take the lead and hold yourself to a very high level of accountability as the example. If you say that you’ll send them a phone call recording within a certain period of time… do everything humanly possible to get it done according to your promise and if you are not able to… contact them swiftly to renegotiate a later date. It’s not a default if you get a successful renegotiation! 

Super important.  

The term inspection means, a careful examination or scrutiny. As a Coach, you job is to inspect your client on the things they agree to. As a skillful Coach, you’ll be able to do this without them feeling attacked or threatened.

There is a very fine line in this regard because we all have egos that get offended or fearful easily. Remember that a Coach whose only tool is a hammer… often sees the whole world as a bunch of nails. Meaning, use and develop a variety of tools to accomplish your goal. Be tactful, empathetic and have some grace in your approach!
There is a noticable difference between a great coach and an a-hole that’s on an ego trip, even if you get results. You’ll need to hold your clients accountable to their agreements and their word in a gentle way. You’ll want to get your context or attitude determined first and come from a compassionate place when realigning your client.
Start out stating the facts like, “We agreed last week that you would send your homework in 24 hours before our call. I didn’t receive it yet.”

Next, give them an opportunity to explain in case there was a mistake or technological error... for instance, “Did you send it and I didn’t see it?”

Finally, renegotiate the terms of your agreement if needed to move forward. You never want to create the scenario of [They’re Bad and You’re Good.] A Client will fire you for that feeling even if you’re perfectly able to help them. Or worse, they’ll withdraw and avoid you… then you’ll have to fire them.

An example of that would be like, “Do we need to renegotiate this homework timeline agreement for these following weeks or would you like to keep it the same?”

Be compassionate and keep the communication channels open. Use this opportunity to build your relationship oppose to tearing it down. Mistakes are good and also inevitable. A good coaching program or series of calls is a continual process of getting through these uncomfortable situations in such a way that empower both of you!

4.)  How to ask the right questions at the right time for powerful breakthroughs.
Breakthroughs come from perfect questions asked at the right time! Technically, the breakthroughs happen when he client gets the big “ahh ha” moment. During a Coaching session, your time will be limited. Even if you have unlimited time, their attention and ZONE BANDWITH for learning may be limited. So, use your questions and time wisely. Aim to get one per call and more if possible. 

As a fellow human being with a challenging ego just like everyone else, I know it can be tempting to ask someone a question that will stump them, make them feel bad, make them feel guilty and even make them feel like what they are doing is not good enough. Gotta watch out for your ego slipping in and stealing the show.

Now, if you focus on asking a powerful question that will help them arrive at their next solution, everybody wins. Try to remember that they likely already know what needs to be done to fix their issue. 

They know…

Try not to tell them what to do or how to think, but try your best to frame your questions and inspections in such a way that EMPOWERS them to figure it out, to learn, and to get into action. Let them peal their own onion. Also try your best to not take things personally if they don’t do it right or if they don’t own up to their agreements.

For example, if I have a client that’s being lazy or they are too scattered in their life and thoughts from their habitual actions of their past… think first about what you could ask them in order to help them arrive at a logical solution or next action.

Which one of these feels better to you?

 a.) Are you always this lazy and scattered in your business? (Not so comfy huh?)


 b.) Was there ever a time in the past where you felt lazy and scattered and then you immediately snapped into action because of something you listened to, saw or read? 

(Now that’s an empowering question right?)

Think about what positive things you can trigger in their mind?

What did I accomplish by asking them the (b) question?

I addressed the issue of laziness or resistance in an easily acceptable way that was still clear. Then I triggered a favorable and empowering thing they could easily relate to such as a song, an inspirational movie or something they read to help.

That’s how to ask something and suggest a solution in a real classy way that’s easy to hear and take in. Your goal is to help them arrive at a place of openness so your seeds of wisdom can blossom.

Remember, we never want the other person to feel attacked because they’ll CLOSE UP and SHUT DOWN! The number is probably over 90% of Coaches and Consultants that make this fatal mistake with their clients when jockeying for authority and power. It hurts the Client / Coach relationship and sometimes taints it forever.

Truth be told, it’s near impossible once someone writes you off as an overbearing egomaniac because it normally triggers negative events from their past and then they put them on you. Sometimes it can be washed over for a period of days, weeks or months, but they never forget if you aggressively or intentionally make them feel less than or stupid. In the event that this happens, apologize and tell them how you working on this issue so that it never happens again. Be authentic and vulnerable! They’ll understand if they’re really in it to win it.

5.)  How to properly use the Awkward Ultimatum Moment
In other words, this is how to properly use silence as a tool for discovery and contemplation. During Coaching sessions, your clients will likely be forced to make big choices and commit to new agreements. This is not always easy for them to do, but necessary.

There’s a term we use called, “Saving a client” and it’s actually a disservice to them and their process of stepping up.

On an enrollment conversation (or discovery session) the client will need to make a choice to hire you or not. On a Coaching call, the client will need to make a choice to change or not… and that can feel uncomfortable for both you and them. You’ll have to remain silent at the right times and let them choose.

For instance, once I give my offer and price… it’s up to them to take it or refuse it. I won’t let 15 seconds of silence go by and then jump in and reduce the price or try to convince them to join because the silence got too uncomfortable. On a Group call, someone will need to make a choice to speak up and go deep or stay silent on the call and not get their needs met. 

We can set the stage, but they need to take the action.

So far we’ve covered a few real good examples of times when you’ll need to facilitate an uncomfortable conversation and help frame the outcomes for your client. As another little tool for your toolbelt, you’ll need to compare extreme opposites or black and white options.

For example, I’m holding a group call with my Elite Mastermind team of 12 and I say towards the end of the call, “Now is your time to ask me anything that you need to be as successful as possible for this upcoming week. If you speak up now and tell us where you’re not 100% clear… we’ll all benefit and you’ll get exactly what you need for succeeding… If you set there silent and don’t ask, you may suffer this week or hesitate sometime when it’ll really cost you. 

Plus someone else on the call won’t be able to benefit from your question and situation. So, let me ask again real quick, are there anymore questions or may we support anyone else on the call with anything at all?”
Let’s put all of this together...
Hopefully these five most overlooked coaching skills and scenarios will help you become an even more phenomenal Coach! If you take them to heart and incorporate them into your Coaching practice, your clients will thank you and get the results their looking for.

In reality, these five scenarios happen all the time and learning to master them can make you and your clients uber successful.

It takes a special person to be a great Coach. Most people have their defenses or walls up from the pain that they’ve experienced in the past. Even when faced with logical solutions that WILL work, they may resist. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the process of growth and discovery. It’s your job as the Coach to bridge these gaps to the best of your abilities.

Something to note, if you get a client that you can’t help or connect with… pass them off to someone who can. In the long run it will be much better for your business and their ultimate success. Another one of my mentors who is a CEO of a fortune 500 company always tells me, “Don’t force a square peg into a round hole.

Pick good clients and be selective as to who you take on as a client.

Let's take this to the next level...

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