Coaching with Corey Teramana
For business clients - get income producing action plans, strategy and resources!
Often times, when we hit brick walls and start feeling stuck, it's time to bring a pair of fresh eyes and ideas to the situation. Great coaching leads to faster breakthroughs and shifts that move the needle.

When we can set a powerful plan based on experience and success, and there's someone right there to stand besides you to keep you moving in the right direction... the old adage of "Fail fast, learn quick and keep growing" doesn't feel so bad. 

As Entrepreneurs, we're going to experience failures, setback and challenges that push us to our limits...

That's ok! However, doing it all alone, isn't.

I choose to work with those people who believe setbacks are only temporary and that there's a simpler solution right around the corner with the right support. 

If you're coachable and ready to go from point A (being stuck) to point B (winning in your business)... and you NEED to move forward no matter what... we should talk.

I offer free business breakthrough strategy sessions to help you identify what's blocking your progress and then give you a simple action plan to push through it right there on the call. With 15 years of coaching and consulting under my belt, over 40+ programs selling online and three successful businesses honed and producing... I can bring the exact resources and solutions you're looking for to save you valuable time and money. 

Go ahead and click one of the buttons below to set up either a business breakthrough strategy session (for business resources and action plans) or a gratitude breakthrough session (for mental blocks) so we can have a heart to heart talk about how to win in your situation as fast as possible.
1-on-1 Coaching
I only work with about 4 - 7 clients per month so feel free to reach out and have a conversation about what you're looking to accomplish in your business. If you'd like personal support and private hands on coaching or consulting in your business, this may be the perfect option for you. Let's talk about what options are available and see if we're a good fit! 
Group Coaching 
I've found that group coaching is extremely powerful and beneficial to everyone in the group. For that simple reason, I offer a few different options and existing groups that you can join: 

     1.) Entrepreneurship focused business income breakthrough group
     2.) Leadership focused goals strategy group 
     3.) Gratitude based life coaching group

Admission to these groups is done on a one on one basis to ensure the integrity and overall power of the teams, so to learn more about joining my Entrepreneurs business income breakthrough group, my leadership focused goals strategy group or my gratitude based life coaching group, set up a free breakthrough session with the links below.
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