Our Firm Specializes In Corporate Training Workshops & Events that Unite Teams, Increases sales and educate internal and external customers. 
Corporate Workshop Training With Founder Corey Teramana
"Our Vision helps your organization implement consistency and congruity so you benefit from high-level internal customer behaviors and loyal external customer actions." 
We partner with organizations to build high performance cultures that align their corporate vision, their employee behaviors and their customers satisfaction.
Our services are for organizations that want simple and effective training solutions to problems with measurable results. For those cultivating a win-win atmosphere and high value interactions with their products and services. 
Corey Teramana is a seasoned training facilitator and communications specialist with 15 years of experience in breakthrough Consulting, Coaching, and leadership development workshops utilized for a 100% unique and authentic participant experience.
"My training style is enthusiastic, engaging and humble so the material covered is welcomed in with open arms by all of the participants."
Corey is an avid Ashtanga Yogi, a personal development enthusiast, a seven time author and a hard working entrepreneur that has created over 40+ training programs since receiving his marketing degree from UNLV in 2005. 

Having overcome Tourettes, learning disabilities, speech impediments and even from being colorblind until age 8, Corey brings a very unique and authentic blend of humility, impeccability and positivity to those he works with.   

Bringing a well rounded personality and a visceral sense of professionalism, Corey can adapt to any training situation, social environment and corporate challenge.
Onsite Corporate Workshops
We Offer Three Specialized Onsite Workshops: 
         1.) Customer Service Is Key
         2.) Leaders Are Built
         3.) Sales Force Training
Our One-Day Workshop brings a full-day customer service, leadership development or sales force training to your location. Participants will learn key concepts and take part in facilitated exercises and discussions that will personalize the training content to their specific roles and responsibilities in the organization. All of our programs can be customized to meet your specific needs. NOTE: Shorter options, such as a half-day or less are also available.
The problem: Many organizations struggle with costly high turnover, unsatisfied customers that never return and low productivity employees due to bad habits, bad attitudes and corporate vision misalignment. Often times training employees, implementing new corporate policies and recovering from corporate restructuring can slow productivity and massively effect profits due to overworking mid level and upper management with training and behavior correcting tasks.
Our solution: We can solve most issues and employee productivity problems with our custom tailored group training workshops. We offer 2 hr, 4 hr and 8 hr workshop events to increase team work and skill, but most importantly to anchor the desired results and employee behaviors directly in the workplace for continuity.
Call us to set up a free consultation and see how our workshops can solve your problems fast. Clients love us because we can customize our workshops to fit almost any need for training, team building and productivity challenges.
* It's encouraged for organizations that hire us to take an active part in co-creating your event and then trusting us to deliver it in a professional and crisp manner. We are experts at facilitating dynamic breakthrough moments and events, even though moments will feel uncomfortable and at times, out of control, but some exercises require that. We thank you in advance for the trust. 
Workshop Approval & Completion Milestones
     1.) Consultation with management on needs
     2.) Custom event program creation, outline and approval
     3.) LIVE interactive onsite workshop training
     4.) Post workshop evaluation and metrics discussion
     5.) Follow up group conference calls and continued coaching
One-Day Workshop Packages
Package #1: up to 25 employees - Starting at $5,000 (+ Travel)
Package #2: up to 50 employees - Starting at $6,500 (+ Travel)
Package #3: Custom - Call for details
What's included: All of our onsite workshops include everything below plus any combination of the available modules listed below.
       A one hour pre event consultation with management for clarity on critical needs
       A printed workbook for each participant
       One follow up visit and evaluation with management
       A 2 hr, 4 hr, 6 hr or 8 hr onsite workshop
       A follow up group conference call for all participants (additional calls and coaching is available)
       A secret shopper exchange with up to 5 employees
Customizable Workshops Modules
All workshops can include and be tailored to your specific needs. 
Each section has a teaching section, an interactive exercise and a feedback experience Q&A component. 
1.) Customer Service Is Key Workshop Modules
This workshop will help your organization leave customers in ahh and delight.
       The Four Level Journey of Service Delight
       The Art of Active Listening
       Impeccable Micro Promises
       Context 3.0 - Atmosphere Mastery
       What Customers REALLY Want
        Specific education from management
2.) Leaders Are Built Workshop Modules
This workshop will help your leadership unite and move forward as one cohesive team.
       Context 4.0 - Enrollment Mastery
       Support Teams Built For Winning
       Communication For Problem Solving
       Management vs. Leadership Solutions
        Skills for Getting "The Absolute Buy In"
        Specific education from management
3.) Sales Force Workshop Modules
This workshop is great for keeping your sales team at their best and focusing on the basics that work.
       What Experience Are They Buying?
       How To Yes Stack
       The Professional Enrollment Process
       The Story Creation Blueprint
       The Art of Asking The Right Question
        Specific education from management
"Our workshops build momentum, competency, teamwork, confidence and skill to support your organization's needs."
Online Virtual Training
High Quality Training 24/7 - On Demand
Bring our best Customer Service, Leadership and Sales training direct to your computers and mobile devices.
The problem: Many organizations struggle keeping their internal customers (employees) educated, polished and performing at their best. In today's demanding business world, your competition is sparing no expense when investing into their employees and management staff, so you must keep up while meeting your budget and time constraints. 
Our solution: By providing you a turnkey or customized training program for your organization, you'll be able to offer streamlined, comprehensive and consistent training that aligns with your organization's vision and saves you time and money in the long run.
Utilizing our Virtual Online training program is a very cost effective solution to any company with multiple locations and employees. Our training programs are available as (1.) an individual license or as (2.) a group license for your entire organization.  

Online Virtual Training is perfect as a stand-alone customer service, leadership and sales training course or can be used as a follow-up to our live on-site training your organization has participated in.

It’s all about creating a simplified, affordable and cohesive user experience. 
"Our Virtual Training programs will save you time, money and frustration by letting us handle all the technical aspects of your personalized membership site."
We have two Online Virtual Training options to choose from. 
Option #1 is a turnkey training program 
Individual license per user $200/per year (call for group discount rates)
      Customer Service Is Key (Click here for detailed course outline) 
      Leaders Are Built (Click here for detailed course outline) 
      Sales Force (Click here for detailed course outline) 
Option #2 is to have a customized training program exclusively created for your organization (Includes a lifetime enterprise license)
Your training program can be branded with your company logos in both audio and video modules. 
This custom enterprise option is great for:
       A branded user experience relevant to your specific needs
       Employee onboarding and continuing education training
       Increasing employee productivity, morale and attitude 
       Policy changes, seasonal campaigns and new product launches
       Team building and communication skills
       Conflict resolution, behavioral issues and changes in management
       Management vs. leadership struggles
Call us today to set up your account (424) 558-2992
Customer Service Training Outline
Summary: Learn the essential skills for delivering high level customer service and replicatable customer satisfaction interactions. 
Components: Includes a mixture of audio and video modules with quizzes, workbooks and a certificate of completion.
  Module 1: The Four Level Journey of Service Delight
  Module 2: The Art of Active Listening
  Module 3: Impeccable Micro Promises
  Module 4: Context 3.0 - Atmosphere Mastery
  Module 5: What Customers REALLY Want
  Module 6: Teamwork Communication Skills
  Certification quiz
Leadership Training Outline
Summary: Leaders are built from the ground up and this training helps solidify those key skills and practices for becoming a powerful leader in your organization and individual teams.
Components: Includes a mixture of audio and video modules with quizzes, workbooks and a certificate of completion.
  Module 1: Context 4.0 - Enrollment Mastery
  Module 2: Support Teams Built For Winning
  Module 3: Communication For Problem Solving
  Module 4: Management vs. Leadership Solutions
  Module 5: The Absolute "Buy In" 
  Module 6: Teamwork Communication Skills
  Certification quiz
Sales Training Outline
Summary: Higher level training for sales team managers and associates on running a successful and productive team with powerful closing tools and points of contact techniques.
Components: Includes a mixture of audio and video modules with quizzes, workbooks and a certificate of completion.
  Module 1: What Experience Are They Buying?
  Module 2: How To Yes Stack
  Module 3: The Professional Enrollment Process
  Module 4: The Story Creation Blueprint
  Module 5: The Art of Asking The Right Question
  Module 6: The Story Creation Blueprint
  Certification quiz
Leadership Development Coaching
Give Your Leadership Team A Place To Vent, Breakthrough, Collaborate & Grow
If your leaders were better at communicating and overcame challenges faster, what would that be worth to you? 

Why has business coaching become a multi-billion dollar industry? Well, because it works. Get your teams into action, FAST!

Third party coaches are highly effective at getting results because they can inspire leaders to develop faster and accomplish more. 

All group coaching sessions are led by Corey Teramana to help your teams break through their challenges and become their best.

Our firm brings value to your leadership teams with ongoing weekly group coaching and training calls to compliment the values, goals and vision of your organization.

The value of coaching is having a dedicated neutral space for your leadership team to discover and break through their personal blockages and inner resistances. As they breakthrough, they'll start to recognize and get into action around new opportunities.

If you're looking to propel your teams 
in a way that unlocks and unleashes their full potential, than our coaching may be for you. 
"With quality coaching, a little bit goes a long way."
The Problem: is most  leadership positions come with more responsibility than support. Sometimes your leaders need to bitch, vent and discover their own solutions through long form conversation and inspection. Unfortunately, their managers and bosses are not the best people for this very time consuming and "private" process. 

Often times, a little venting and collaboration can be extremely productive with the right professional coach leading the session because most conversations, calls and sessions need to be structurally reframed and closed out in the right way to encourage powerful following actions and positive results. 
The Solution: Give your leaders the best coaching you can find to help realign their "big why" for staying motivated and loyal to your company vision.  All employees need to feel acknowledged, heard and valued. Coaching is the #1 way to help them feel taken care of on a consistent basis. This is our specialty and your organization deserves highly productive and motivated teams. 
Time durations: Traditionally, calls can range from 20 minutes to as long as 60 minutes depending on team size, material covered and how much support the individuals required. 
Fee structure:  We offer two coaching products to better serve your leadership teams. 
Option #1 - Weekly Group Conference Calls 
Up to 9 participants. Includes one (1) group coaching conference call per week around 45 minutes long. The investment is $5,000 per month or $560 per participant (6 participant minimum)
From 10 to 20 participants. Includes one (1) group coaching conference call per week around 45 minutes long. The investment is $7,000 per month or $460 per participant (10 participant minimum)
Option #2 - Weekly Zoom Video Conferences 
Up to 9 participants. Includes one (1) Zoom video group coaching session per month around 45 minutes long. The investment is $6,500 per month or $750 per participant (6 participant minimum)
From 10 to 20 participants.  Includes one (1) Zoom video group coaching session per month around 45 minutes long. The investment is $8,500 per month or $650 per participant (10 participant minimum)
Call us today for availability (424) 558-2992
Las Vegas Convention & Special Events "Team Building Breakthrough Events"
"What Happens In Vegas Should Change Your Company Forever!"
We create one-of-a-kind breakthrough events that fit into the cracks of your Las Vegas business trips 
Next time you take a business trip to Las Vegas, give your team "a next level breakthrough" and solidify everything you came for and more!
We create fully customizable "Team Building Breakthrough Events" that can easily be scheduled into the cracks of your next trip to Las Vegas. We offer a variety of quick training solutions with our 2 hr, 4 hr or 6 hr intensives. 
With nearly 150,000 available rooms, 6.5 million convention attendees, 11.5 million sq/ft of exhibit space and 320 days of sunshine per year... the odds are likely that your organization will visit Las Vegas this year for a convention.
MAXIMIZE your next business trip to Las Vegas and get the most from your investment of time and money.
The problem: Many organizations visit Las Vegas for events, conventions and retreats, but don't experience any true spot weld team building moments besides something funny that happens at the bar or while at a dinner. Often times, companies leave town wishing they'd have experienced something of real depth or value. Sadly, after the glitz, glamor and fine dining wears off, they feel unfulfilled and unrewarded for their massive investment of time and money.
Our solution: By providing customized "Team Building Breakthrough Events" for organizations traveling to Las Vegas for conventions and business trips, massive additional value can be added to your investment of time and money that unites and aligns your organization's vision and values.
Call us today (424) 558-2992 and we'll design a one-of-a-kind private breakthrough event for you and your team! 
They say, What happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas." However, you could take away so much more...

It's been said, "Our events made Vegas trips worth the time, travel and money already invested!" 

Instead of sending everyone on your team to the bars and craps tables, give them the gift of true discovery, breakthrough and collaboration.

In just a few hours of laser targeted "work," you're team could create a  unparalleled synergetic bond with our help. 
We create our events with miniature modules. 
Custom build yours below!
* It's encouraged for organizations that hire us to take an active part in co-creating your event and then trusting us to deliver it in a professional and crisp manner. We are experts at facilitating dynamic breakthrough moments and events, even though moments will feel uncomfortable and at times, out of control, but some exercises require that. We thank you in advance for the trust. 
Take a few notes from the sections below before calling us to book your breakthrough event...
1.) Let's start with the purpose (theme) of your breakthrough event
       To build your team camaraderie, trust and synergy
       To celebrate wins and build on the power of acknowledgements  
       To address low productivity, poor attitudes or recent losses 
       To eliminate team barriers and hone communication skills
       To unite new team members or employees to an existing team
       Company policy updates, seasonal campaigns and new products
       To refocus management teams and build leadership
       Or... Create Your Custom Breakthrough Event Purpose!
2.) Next, choose a date for your breakthrough event
       Call for availability and scheduling
3.) Next, choose a location for your breakthrough event
       Your hotel room or suite
       Your hotel conference room
       Any other custom location in Las Vegas (call for details)
4.) Next, pick the duration of your breakthrough event
       A 2 hour event (Powerful, quick and potent)
       A 4 hour event (Experiential, fun and upbeat)
       A 6 hour event (Experiential, introspective and upbeat)
       A 8+ hour - 24 hour event (Call for custom - can include overnight intensive)
5.) Next, add major components of your breakthrough event
Read through and choose a few of these below to build your event with blocks of individual modules according to your objectives and time constraints. (We can make any pairing of modules seamlessly tie into one another.)

Time estimates will vary on number of participants - Estimates below are for a team of eight (8) participants. 
       Opening Icebreaker checkin exercise where everyone speaks on a revealing topic related to your purpose (theme) of event.  [10 mins - 30 mins]
       Discovery Interactive exercise in pairs of two or three - introduce needed topic, lesson, concept or skill needing addressed. Available context can be (Introspective, fun, revealing or intense)  [30 mins]
       Activity - Team Building exercise for breaking monotony and building momentum for deeper next modules. Can integrate concepts, lessons and pertinent training at this point for a deeper value and integration. Can be done in various grouping of participants. Available context can be (Safe for all genders, teamwork, discovery, challenging, pure fun, chaotic)  [10 mins - 30+ mins]
       Activity - Yoga & Stretching exercise for health and flexibility taught by instructor to increase blood flow, lift mood in room and have fun. Can integrate conscious health choices, health commitments and may include breathing practices for stress management, mental clarity and heightened focus. Can be tailored for all genders and varying levels of physical fitness. Available context can be (Reflective, zen, relaxing, fun)  [10 mins - 60 mins]
       Communication - Active Listening exercise for employees, management and sales team tools for communicating in the most powerful way with other colleagues and customers.  [20 mins - 60 mins]
       Guided Visualization Meditation exercise for mental centering, for stress relief and even for uniting a common vision, purpose or cause. A custom tailored closed eye visualization meditation led by master facilitator and NLP guide, Corey Teramana, so that each participant experiences a new possibility to a challenge, struggle or opportunity. Each participant will have the opportunity to access their internal power with the process of observation, discovery and creativity. Available context can be (Safe place, empowering, calming, inspirational, spiritual or bonding)  [10 mins - 40 mins]
       Clear the air exercise to address grudges, resentments, stifled progress or misunderstandings. Facilitator will lead an inspection of someone to help them breakthrough their resistance and allows them to re enroll into a desired behavior or understanding. Available context can be (Safe place, slightly uncomfortable, compassionate, fun, or intense)  [15 mins to 45 mins depending on desired result of exercise]
       Acknowledgement exercise to bring spotlight to a team member or entire team for a job well done. Great breakthrough moments include atta-boy's and praise, even if corrections need addressed in another mini modules. It's recommended to piggyback other modules, lessons or concepts into this module too. Available context can be (Grateful, thankful, enthusiastic, solemn) [15 mins to 45 mins depending on desired result of exercise]
       Or... have us build it for you from start to finish. Just tell us the results you'd like!
6.) Finally, book your breakthrough event
       Call our office at (424) 558-2992 to reserve your space, get on our schedule and to have us create your event outline and proposal today!
Private Corporate Retreats
Our corporate retreats are custom built from the ground up to create the ultimate Las Vegas experience. Together we can co-design a 24 hour, 48 hour or 72 hour private retreat here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'll create it around your ultimate purpose, your desired results and a multitude of luxurious accommodations. 

Our service is for organizations that are looking to go above and beyond. Break the normal mold of traditional corporate retreats this time. Call our offices and let's talk about how we can make this the most memorable event in your companies history. This is a complete done-for-you experience, you handle the flight and we'll take care of everything else from ground transportation, lodging accommodations, activities and intermittent breakthrough training exercises throughout your retreat.
Lodging Accommodations
The Four Seasons Resort:
The Cosmopolitan:
The Wynn:
The Bellagio:
The Palms:
Private Mountain View Retreat: (Sleeps 10)
VORE Offroad Racing Experience:
Dream Racing Track Experience:
The Wreck Room Experience:
Sky Diving Experience:
Vegas Superkarts Experience:
Points of Learning
Below are a few additional time blocked modules to include in your next retreat: (Modules available in 30 min to 90 min timeframes)
  Conflict Resolution - Over 3 different exercises available: Clear the air, Acknowledgement tools, The Absolute BUY IN and more.
  Team Building - Over 7 team building, roleplay and training exercises available:
  Leadership Exercises - Over 5 different leader exercises available: Context and enrollment mastery, Talent development and more.
  High Performance - Over 4 training and discovery exercises available: Goal setting, Action plans, 
  Health & Wellness - Over 4 exercises available: Yoga, Foods that heal, The Power Hour, Meditation and Guided visualizations, Stress reduction, tools for clarity and focus and more.
  Communication Effectiveness - Over 5 different exercises available: Active listening, Power words and phrases, Context mastery and more.
  Private Coaching Sessions - One-on-one and group coaching breakthroughs available.
  Organizational planning meetings for: Year end, quarterly and corporate vision exercises available.
Call us today for availability (424) 558-2992
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