How To Create Your Own Sales Funnels
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 Learn the tips and tricks of writing compelling "Copy" sales letters and webpage text so people TAKE ACTION!
Every page will follow this format. HEADLINE ---> COMPELLING COPY (CONTENT) ---> CALL TO ACTION
Strategy #1
Headlines - Grab their attention. Heard of click bait? It's an intriguing question or statement that makes people HAVE TO READ MORE or see what's next or see the answer to the posed question.

Your headline is the first part to this equation and every webpage from, Optin page, sales page, order page and even upsell page!

Strategy #2
Body (copy) - Here you'll structure your sales copy or content to do two different things. The first is that you'll give three main points of content, AKA lessons or talking points. Could be a sentence each or a paragraph each.

Second, your copy will overcome objections. Your job is to integrate the objections and answers into each talking point or content piece so that you're Call to action is the only next logical choice.
Strategy #3
Calls to action - A good call to action gets someone to click your button or link so they can go "Learn More" "Watch Video" "Get Your FREE Trial" or "Get Started Here"

By this point, you'll have already addressed the three talking points and three objections, so this call to action is the only next logical choice.
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