Master The Consultation & Strategy Session Close!
Wondering How We Sell High-Ticket Products, Programs or Services?
Use our EXACT phone sales script and get a complete explanation of how to perfect this conversation and why YOU NEED IT IN YOUR BUSINESS!
 I was always scared to ask for the sale or to make an offer to a potential client. Turns out, I just needed a powerful script to practice and follow!" 
How this works: Higher ticket sales a more likely to occur when you offer a FREE Discovery Session call (a.k.a. FREE consultation or FREE strategy session) because you'll develop a better bond and position yourself as an authority in your niche and industry. This helps clients purchase more expensive products, packages and services from you in a very short period of time. 
The problem is: Most clients need that personal touch from you before investing over $2,000 - $25,000 with you or your company for your services, products or packages. Many sales people struggle to make consistent and predictable sales on the higher end of the scale. Another problem is that many sales people were never taught the structured and replicatable process for gathering leads, filtering them and making a sale over the phone. No more fear or confusion with sales...
The solution is: a powerful Discovery Session script you can follow that takes you through the entire phone consultation process and helps you sell your product or service. 
Get Instant Access To The Member Training Videos & Action Guide Workbook
 Learn how to hold a powerful discovery session call (strategy call or consultation) that helps you deliver value to the client and then close the sale for what you sell or have to offer them
 Copy and perfect this script that closes over 35% of any qualified person on the other line of the phone
 How to process a payment over the phone right there on the spot while the client is ready to take action on your offer
 Learn when to give your high ticket offer and when to close the call with a lower ticket offer resulting in a guaranteed sale either way
 Learn exactly how to respond to and overcome the top 6 sales conversation objections
 Practice my additional keys for sales confidence
 Use this same script for Face-To-Face sales too! I'll show you how inside
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