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About Corey Teramana
Corey Teramana is a business Coach and consultant that helps Entrepreneurs create niche Coaching, Consulting and Service Provider businesses. Many people he works with build their businesses around Coaching programs, online products and events. If you've been thinking about starting or expanding your business, you'll want to go through this FREE Niche business Boot Camp!

Corey's created over 40+ digital training courses, written 6+ books and held a handful of great LIVE events over the past 15 years, so if you've got questions, he's got answers.

Corey enjoys helping people create businesses around their best ideas, biggest hobbies and past experiences. His most natural skill set includes putting form, structure and automated processes to the intangible and nebulous. He is called to support the next generation and contribute to them living empowered healthy lives.

Corey brings an inspiring "lead from the front" work ethic to those he works with and a very authentic blend of humility, impeccability and positivity. He focuses on helping people design businesses that empower them to live life on their terms.

He works with most clients in a one-on-one capacity and offers a handful of group training courses. He holds a business marketing degree from UNLV and a real estate license in Nevada. All of Corey's services are for people interested in simple solutions to overcome and push past their challenges in both life and business. 
"Everyone deserves to live a life on their own terms."

Are You Looking To Build and Grow Your Niche Coaching or Consulting Business in 2020...

By focusing on 5 simple tasks everyday and marketing directly to your 100 Dream Clients?

If you're INTERESTED in simplifying your entire business model and putting all the right systems and procedures in place... 

How would it feel to wake up in 90 days and have your complete Dream Business up and running with ALL OF THE NECESSARY SYSTEMS, AUTOMATIONS AND PROCEDURES IN PLACE?

 What if you had complete clarity on exactly what niche and target market you're meant to serve?

 What if you had a crystal clear way to work "within your business" everyday by doing 5 simple tasks really well as the CEO to acquire clients and serve them exceptionally well? 

 What if you were able to "snap your fingers" and put into practice the best marketing techniques, sales processes and enrollment procedures from our 15+ years of real life trial and error business experience, without spending endless hours in classes and courses that leave you needing more information and implementation support?

 What if you had a straightforward and structured training process with hands on live Coaching and continued mentoring so you could hit your top business and life goals without the ridiculous overwhelm that normally goes with expanding a business?

Imagine, you were able to utilize your natural talents and double down on your strengths because your business was simplified and hyper targeted? 

In a way that's scalable and guaranteed to stay fun as you grow in the upcoming years...

Would you do it?

If you already know that you're meant to serve people and help them go from "Point A to Point B"... then you may be a perfect fit for The Coaching Lab.

If you've already got your business running and know that you'd like to grow it AND leverage more of your time...

Or you're still trying to figure it out, but are highly capable of hitting the ground running with the right framework and direction...

And you need to know exactly which elements of your business are worth focusing on and which ones are completely "Irrelevant" and a waste of time. 

If you're looking for the simplest plan to follow everyday and wanting to turn your Coaching or consulting business into a viable, profitable and scalable empire...

And if you wanted to take a specific message and solution further into the marketplace to those specific people THAT NEED EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER...

Without tons of guesswork and wasted time?

Then we can help you clarify your business and simplify what you do every day to build and grow your Coaching or consulting business. 

Imagine how liberating it would feel to remove yourself from the 10 hour day grind where you end up hunching over your keyboard and looking out the window every 30 minutes as life passes you by...

Avoiding all of the costly mistakes of trying to do too many things and chasing all of the shiny spoons that people are talking about on Facebook and Youtube. 

Avoiding all the costly mistakes of trying to be a "generalist" one size fits all problem solver... and trying to appeal to anyone and everyone who will give you a "like" or pay you money.

Focusing only on your "HOT 100" so you can stay out of overwhelm and in complete alignment to what you really have to offer. 

Imagine the relief of knowing the exact next 100 people you're meant to serve and having the simplest plan imaginable for acquiring them as clients in a very easy organic way. 

Knowing the specific products and services to offer them so they literally come knocking down your door to get your support.

This is your chance to shortcut all the technical mumbojumbo and avoid all the hype in the marketplace so you can focus on just 5 natural "things"  you can do everyday to grow your business and get the results you're looking for .

This is exactly why we created The Coaching Lab Business Accelerator For Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers.

Your business can be easier that you've been making it and there power in having a simple business model that scales your results and leverages your time.

While everyone else is overcomplicating their businesses and burning out from overwhelm (THE ZIG)...

We simplify and streamline everything so life becomes as easy along with operating your business (WE ZAG)

Most Coaches and consultants fail because:

1.) They lack absolute clarity in what they are doing 

2.) They try too many things and get lost in "creation mode" which prevents them from feeling satisfied and experience growth

3.) They lack simplicity and execution in their marketing and enrollment processes 

4.) They waste money and time chasing the wrong leads and when their leads do come in, they don't have the right (predictable) conversion and automation systems in place

Even worse, they fail because they try and do it all alone, causing them to run out of money and lose their fire...

I mention this because all of these have happened to me.

The answer is The Coaching Lab...

And if you're saying, "I want this business and all of the systems and proceedures in place, but I DON'T want to build everything out because I'm too busy or just technilogically challenged."

That's ok, we offer a "100% Completely Turnkey Done-4-You" business creation service for some of our members. So, if you'd like our in house team of experts under my supervision and your guidance, to create everything for you, that's available for the right person...

We'll discuss it when we talk about your business after you apply further down below.

Will the Coaching Lab help you grow and develop too?

Absolutely, The Coaching Lab helps you create and grow your business with an inside out approach

For example, most people design their businesses around "outside" opportunities that are dependant on events, people and unpredictable circumstances that they have NO CONTROL over. 

But, what makes The Coaching Lab process different is that, you create and grow your business based on who you actually are and what client problems you're best suited to solve!

This way, you're always "at cause" for your growth, meaning that you're IN CONTROL of everything you do and are never put in a reactive, flighty or seat of your pants situation... forcing you to do things that are not in the best interests of your business goals and personal integrity.

You build and grow your business from a 100% authentic place! 

To do this, we help you develop about your 5 Power Attributes, your unique Entrepreneurial archetype and your naturally developed skills...

And you will truly understand how you're uniquely suited for some things and not others. Have you ever wondered why some people are better at numbers and math than others?

We're all created with different gifts, talents and capabilities...

It necessary to "go with the grain" and follow your natural design.

When you discover your secret formula, you'll be able to stay focused on those things that you're meant to do and you'll learn how to effectively outsource and give away the rest so you can stay in your creative flow... doing what you do best!

Curious what your Big 5 are? We'll talk about them on our free discovery session phone call once you send us your application at the bottom of this page. 

Knowing and focusing on your Big 5 will  equate to more profits, a happier life and a better business!

Our goal is to give you the most hyper focused Entrepreneurial business training you'll ever come across...

Over the course of three to six months and help you put your dream business in place with our hands on training as you implement and grow. 

We'll show you the simplest and most effective way to put your "best business systems and sales funnels in place." 

You'll get everything an Entrepreneur in 2020 will need for creating products, programs and services (both physical and digital). 

All the proven systems and processes for generating targeted leads, for nurturing those prospective clients until they convert and for creating highly streamlined and organic marketing and advertising campaigns

... allowing you to lead your business as the most balanced CEO you can be!

The Coaching Lab works to create the "BIG BACKEND" for all types Entrepreneurs, influencers, affiliate marketers, infopreneurs, speakers, authors, Coaches, consultants and even various service providers. 

And what if you had my entire team to help you build this system...


This Niche Business Accelerator is for Entrepreneurs looking to simplify their business model and automate their client enrollment process...

So you can spend more of your time focusing on the simple parts of your business that get the biggest results.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed in your business, you're going to love our strategy. 

The Coaching Lab was designed specifically for Entrepreneurs that want to "Live Life On Their Own Terms" and have their business compliment who they are and what they enjoy helping people and businesses solve..

And those who want to fast-track their education process... massively shorten their learning curves

For those looking to create and stay in their Coaching flow.... 

For those looking to have an experienced mentoring team by their side the entire time!

If you've been worried about how to put all the pieces together so your marketing messages actually finds the perfect clients...

If you've been wondering what is the fastest way to get traction without a huge social media following...

And you've been wondering what specific branding, marketing message and product combination will actually get the best clients to work with you...

And you need a tight-knit team standing by your side the entire way...

Than you may be a perfect for The Coaching Lab Accelerator program.

That's why we offer this intimate "business in a box" solution for people with a tons of value to offer their clients, but NO TIME TO WASTE on screwing up any of the details or wondering what will work...

What Do Others Say About The Founder

The Coaching Lab is business development and Mentoring Program 

Here's the thing: if you you could avoid wasting time and money with the wrong sales model and enrollment process... you'll get to make more money and help more clients!

If you were surrounded by a handful of mentors that've been in your shoes before and were committed to you success, you'd able to "test simple" "fail fast" and "succeed" in a predictable way... 

Would you feel more confident?

My Goal is to help courageous people with an important message to share (who were just like us) bring their Coaching or consulting business to life... in a fraction of the amount of time that it took us...

I spent years sitting through college classes and lectures only to find out that less than 5% of it actually applied to the REAL LIFE COACHING BUSINESS that I fell in love with. 

What I REALLY NEEDED 15 years ago was a team of mentors to show me the way... 

If I had clarity on what I really wanted in my life and business

And then I had someone walk me through their proven process for achieving it...

And if I had someone give me all the systems, procedures and organizational frameworks to stay focused, out of overwhelm and on task...?

WOW, that would have been a Life Changer

You likely need the same expertise, insight, and strategic direction to bridge the gap of where you are now and where you want to be. 

The Coaching Lab mentoring process is how you go into business with confidence because you're not doing it alone.

And most importantly, so you can "Live life on your own terms!" That means, true freedom, financial abundance and absolute inner alignment with what you choose to help people with in your business.  

If you'd like to read more about the two part success platform of the Coaching Lab, keep reading below... 

If you are ready for us to help you get these results, book a call to apply.

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