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About Corey Teramana
Corey Teramana is a business Coach and consultant that helps Entrepreneurs create service based businesses, Coaching programs and online products. With over 40+ digital training courses available online, you'll find there's some way he can positively impact your business or life.

Corey brings an inspiring "lead from the front" work ethic to those he works with and a very authentic blend of humility, impeccability and positivity. He focuses on helping people design businesses that empower them to live life on their terms. 

He works with most clients in a one-on-one capacity and offers a handful of group training courses. He holds a business marketing degree from UNLV and a real estate license in Nevada. 
All of Corey's services are for people interested in simple solutions to overcome and push past their challenges in both life and business. 

To work with him personally, feel free to set up a business strategy call and book a time to talk. If you're up against something, the odds are very high that he can help you through it! 
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Our little Gratitude project resulted in a 14+ author collective on creative tools for enjoying life. Feel free to check it out here. If you believe that Gratitude is the answer to living a powerful, productive and empathetic life of reward, fulfillment and success than you may want to write your own article and we'll publish it in our next edition of this ongoing series! Contact us today.
The Gratitude Blueprint with Corey Teramana and the gratitude collective authors
This book is all about my struggle and triumph to the life and business of my dreams. Feel free to check it out here. A practical guide to the #1 best selling movie "The Secret" on the law of attraction. A creative story on my top four lessons in life and business from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and my parents! An inspiring read.
The ultimate affirmation from Corey Teramana written as a practical guide to the #1 best selling movie "The Secret" on the law of attraction. A creative story on my top four lessons in life and business from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and my parents
My first book written with my mentor and now deceased mentor Robert Bohen, a legendary man, friend and father to three. Feel free to check it out here. An owner's manual to thrive, prosper and love within the human experience. Our collective work on over 400+ pages of insight, wisdom, trials and errors for operating in the physical world from the spiritual state of being.
The User Guide for Thriving written by Corey Teramana an owner's manual to thrive, prosper and love within the human experience
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