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Create Your Team And Stop Doing Everything All Alone!
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This is a LIVE Weekly Phone Conference + LIVE Webinar Topic Breakout Groups (Template ready resources too!)
Would you like to expand and scale your life and goals?
We've believe that becoming a better leader in our lives is the key to success and growth. We've developed specific skill sets for excelling and adding structure and momentum to our lives... 
Can you agree that well-rounded success and wellness is the ultimate goal?
We consider a healthy life, a vibrant body, a rewarding work-life mixture and a powerfully rewarding relationships compose the main parts of our ultimate world. We strongly believe that these specific aspects of our lives can propell us forward by leaps and bounds, so you're invited to join us.
What types of people will feel at home in this Mastermind team?
Simply put, anyone ready to push things further in ALL LEVELS OF THEIR LIVES. Myself, our other members, our trainers and our special guests are unconditionally committed to your success. If you're striving on a daily basis for a more fulfilling life and business, this Mastermind is for you! 
Rest assured, we have simple guidelines and rules for the Inner Circle so you can be certain of the confidentiality and safety of the team. 
  1. Members will be supportable and open to our interactive team input, observations and feedback.  
  2. Members will be authentic and open to telling the truth. 
  3. Members will be quick to implement and share results.
  4. Members will respect others on the team and honor the confidentiality clause. 
  5. Members will be change-makers in society and improve the overall welfare of the world (in some way).
Topics We Focus On
Are you rising to the call of greatness or are you looking for a vacation? Both have their place in the world of a leader, but embracing your position and calling always takes precedence in this Mastermind team. Go beyond just calling for the ball when the metaphorical game is on the line, a true leader acknowledges and practices being THE HUB of the organization oppose to just the star player. Leadership for us is more than just a title or a state of being, it's who we are at our core... 
We push ourselves to clarify what are we're doing and why are we're doing it. Constantly reexamining our motives, our intentions and our alignment to those things that matter most in our lives, health, businesses, relationships and overall goals.
Life can throw a lot of things at us and we need to be quick and skilled at prioritizing what's BS from what's critical. We focus on prioritizing what matters most so we never waste time or resources on things that will not move the needle. Like a priceless magic potion, your energy and attention must stay focused and potent.
There's only so many hours in the day. We help you automate and outsource everything in your life that's not necessary for you to personally focus on. For a "Multiple-Hat-Wearing" person (entrepreneur, parent, leader or responsible party), we can get overwhelmed and become at-risk of getting frustrated and becoming less effective.
How well we communicate can be the determining factor of how rewarding our life, businesses and relationships can be. We speak authentically and "practice saying no" while always doing what we say! We master our agreements and honor our commitments.
Our wellness is our main leg to stand on! That includes physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as well. We strive for well rounded  health on all levels as a sure-fire way to catapult our lives to the next level. When we feel well, we do well! It takes support to get there.
What Makes Up Our Inner Circle Leadership Team
Weekly Mastermind Phone Conferences
Live Interactive Webinar Topic Breakouts
Roleplay, Challenges and Group Accountability Feedback
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We're Taking Our Lives To The Next Level
Have you ever wanted to build more momentum, excitement and influence in your life?

For some of us, we struggle with getting real support by people that are 100% committed to our success and well-being. We've structured this Inner Circle to accomodate massive transformation in the main four areas of our lives. Join us on our next conference call and webinar breakout sessions.

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