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If I miss a call can I get the recordings?
Absolutely! We know your schedule can change and your commitments can overlap so we'll email you the calls each week if you miss our LIVE calls. You can even email us your question and we will address it and talk about it on the call so you can have us talk it out for you.
Can I cancel at any time?
Absolutely! You can cancel your monthly Coaching subscription at any time by simply emailing us. No explanation necessary.
Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately not, our LIVE Coaching is not refundable, however you can cancel at any time. Or you can tell us exactly what you're not getting and we'll make sure we deliver it to you. We are committed to your success and have all the resources and experience to get you there.
What types of people will be on this Inner Circle Weekly Coaching Leadership Call?
You'll be on the calls with other Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers and Entrepreneurs like you looking to move as fast as possible towards a high performance life. The call is filled with people serious about moving the needle and getting the support that they neec.
 Everyone Comes To The Circle With Something To Work On!
Extra Topics We Focus On
Learn exactly what to you and then get into action with our group support and direct access so you always have a simple way to implement those things that will get you up, running and profitable as fast as possible.
Rise to the call of greatness and develope the necessary leadership qualities of an Entrepreneur. Learn how to lead your employees, your schedule and your life like a true leader. Leadership is more than just a title or a state of being, it's who we are at our core... 
We push ourselves to clarify what are we're doing and why are we're doing it. Constantly reexamining our motives, our intentions and our alignment to those things that matter most in our lives, health, businesses, relationships and overall goals.
Life can throw a lot of things at us and we need to be quick and skilled at prioritizing what's BS from what's critical. We focus on prioritizing what matters most so we never waste time or resources on things that will not move the needle. Like a priceless magic potion, your energy and attention must stay focused and potent.
There's only so many hours in the day. We help you automate and outsource everything in your life that's not necessary for you to personally focus on. For a "Multiple-Hat-Wearing" person (entrepreneur, parent, leader or responsible party), we can get overwhelmed and become at-risk of getting frustrated and becoming less effective.
How well we communicate can be the determining factor of how rewarding our life, businesses and relationships can be. We speak authentically and "practice saying no" while always doing what we say! We master our agreements and honor our commitments.
Our wellness is our main leg to stand on when we're working hard! That includes physical, emotional and spiritual wellness as well. We strive for well rounded  health on all levels as a sure-fire way to catapult our lives to the next level. When we feel well, we do well! It takes support to get there.
What Makes Up Our Inner Circle
Weekly Mastermind Phone Conferences
LIVE Interactive Q&A Sessions With Topic Breakouts
Roleplay, Specific Challenges, Accountability & Feedback
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For some of us, we struggle with getting real support by people that are 100% committed to our success and well-being. We've structured this Inner Circle to accomodate massive transformation in the main four areas of our lives. Join us on our next conference call and webinar breakout sessions.

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