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 Getting deep relaxation and recharging my mind was always a struggle. Random thoughts, things from the past and even things that didn't happen yet seemed to take over every time I tried to sit still and relax. Then I discovered the power of guided meditations! Try this box set full of great ones that are around 20 mins each." 
How this works: Our mind can become still and focused with practice. The practice of guided meditations, 20 minutes a day, can do wonders for us. We can regain our clarity and inner power by just listening to an mp3 audio recording.  
The problem is: Our minds get cluttered and we lose focus. It feels like 8 billion things are rattling around in our heads when we try and slow things down. All the stress and struggles in life can pile up and leave us flustered, scared and overwhelmed.  
The solution is: Honing the skill set of focus, relaxation and clarity with guided meditations can clear everything and put us in a focused and empowered state for the rest of the day! It's a replicatable process that anyone can do... all you have to do is sit back for 20 mins a day and listen to the guided meditations. 
Get Instant Access To Five (5) MP3 Audio Guided Meditations Created By Corey Teramana!
 Learn how to clear your mind so you feel relaxed and focused
 Create simple daily pattern of "caring for yourself."
 Get started with the first 20 min guided meditation in the morning to recharge your mind, body and inner flame for the day or put yourself to sleep in the evening by listening before you go to bed!
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