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Clients And Testimonials
We hired Corey and his team to consult and we were blown away with their results and attention to detail. They brought new concepts and marketing campaigns boosting us over 40,000 Facebook Followers and an email database list of equal size! Their work keeps paying us dividends and we'll always keep them on retainer! - Ron
As a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Coach, I've worked with Corey for years and feel far more comfortable asking clients for exactly what I'm worth! What a paradigm shift of self-love and higher service... - Emily
Corey has helped me generate more time and money in my business! I'm a professional bodybuilder and fitness consultant to some of the top performers out there. I'm also a personal growth, wellness and business fanatic. Coaching with Corey has helped me narrow my consulting clientelle to DREAM CLIENTS ONLY. He's helped me hone my marketing message and redesign my product line resulting in more free time to do what I love and more money - Sierra
“Corey helped us generate tons of leads for our businesses and helped us build a few massive social media communities, pages and email lists for our home based business and nutrition supplement product line! He's been a great friend for years and we are so extremely grateful to know him.” - Gary and Cindy
“Corey's marketing training is amazing! After our first Mastermind, I was able to add $100k to my monthly sales numbers by implementing two of his secret online lead generation and sales conversion tools." - Marty 
"I say that Corey is "the big brains" behind my medical tech company. lol. He asked for a referral of his consulting and friendship... and I'm still speachless as where to even start. Everyone reading this... do yourself a favor and find a way to work with Corey on a personal level (Coaching, and event, a phone call... anything!) Corey, thank you for everything- Michael
Working with Corey is sort of like meeting with three separate people. The first is the analytical nerd, the second is the creative inquisitive kid and the third is the mentor that always knows how to find the right answer. I'm an entrepreneur, inventor, father and friend! If you're reading this, you're so lucky to be alive... Get off the computer, go outside and enjoy the day. lol!  - Sage
"I'm Halden and I love my life! Corey's helped me leverage my time and my resources to grow my business. Now I get to do more fun things that I love like hiking, yoga and outdoor activities! 
Thanks Core..." - Halden
My face to face sales conversions have tripled and my sales pitch is 100x's stronger after working with Corey one-on-one. I started with his sales conversion blueprint and kept him on as a consultant for a year now. Thank you! - Adam
"Knowing Corey and working with him has taken my career as a consultant, public figure and philanthropist to a whole new level. Thank you for simplifying... and making complex marketing concepts and systems easy to use!!!" - Brittany
I teach yoga and coach people through breakthrough moments in their lives. Corey's helped me fine tune my marketing message and enrollment process beyond what I ever thought possible. I'm extremely grateful to be of service to so many amazing people. - Kenzi
“I'm ready to go! Finally, I have a teammate to support me in all the things I've wanted and needed to do in social media. Corey's coaching was first class and helped me attract amazing new clients into my business." - Carlton 
"I absolutely love Corey's advice and business strategy. He makes complicated systems and tools for entrepreneurs and coaches very simple to understand and implement! My highest recommendations" - Katerina 
“You've got to attend Corey's next event. Corey 's wealth and abundance sales seminar was way beyond what I was expecting and he over-delivered 100% pure results for my business.” - Garen 
“I'm a mortgage broker in Las Vegas and my business is thriving. Corey helped me open up to the Hispanic market nearly doubling my leads and increasing my conversions / closings. He also simplified my marketing strategy so I could focus on the parts of my business that produce sales and results!” - Tito
After interviewing more than 3000 super-achievers and industry giants including Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield, I'm so glad I met Corey Teramana and had the chance to pick his brain on personal development, wellness and entrepreneur industries. I highly recommend you find a way to work with him in one form or another...” - Corey P
“Sales is my life! I've worked with Corey for years and recommend everything he puts his name on! Where most people go wrong in their businesses is that they stop having fun and forget why they got started. To enjoying our businesses, making great money and helping people!” - Guiseppi 
"Corey's training events are first class. I left his event with more clarity than I've ever had before. As an entrepreneur that's putting in place multiple sources of income... I recommend attending Corey's events and coaching opportunities for help in your endeavors! - Greg
Corey has helped us spend more time together as a family and less time doing things that weren't a priority. So, profound, we're so thankful. - Dr. Marni and Steve
"Corey's social media and sales conversion training was great! Thank you so much... It helped me feel like I could expand my business without doing to tons and tons of additional work and busy tasks. Thanks for the education and peace of mind!"  - Kimberly
Corey's helped up create more free time to spend as a family. We trust him and love working with him! Thank you so much Corey! - The Camp Family
"Interviewing one of my more recent mentors and coaches, Chris Record, who's helped millions of people online and continues to lead the way in the online world of business training. Thank you, Chris, for all the knowledge on how to create, capture and convert leads. - Corey
I own a custom aquatics business in Delaware and Corey has helped me streamline most of the major moving pieces in my business so now I have more free time, higher producing employees and a larger customer base. His coaching is First Class and well structured. - Rich
"Corey's training module on win-win sales has stood out in my mind as his greatest contribution to my business and podcast. I recommend him to anyone building their lead generation systems, their sales conversion processes, their upsell offers or their referral getting practices.  - London
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